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Column: Ontwaken via google-translate.

I woke up this morning. Nothing special. I often do. Sometimes twice a day, when I take a nap. It was different today. After I got up and shuffled to the window to open the curtains, I awoke again. WTF?

Stepped out of reality. Just like that. I couldn't go back. Weird. Great!

Now I had nothing to worry about. No more pain. That whole reality, the hassle, gone.

From now on reality was a dream. Like a movie.

I immediately pressed pause. Stand-by. Get used to the idea. While the film continued to play four-dimensionally. With scent, depth and everything. That was fine. So I still had time to go to the toilet. The kitchen. Popcorn in the microwave, fruit in the blender for a delicious smoothie.

What kind of genre ?

A comedy. Or a thriller? For me, not choosing means experiencing a psychological drama, that automatically starts playing in the lumière of my skull.


An action movie? With this added dimension… As a director I could make something interesting out of that. With myself in the lead.

The first role I play will be a writer who types a manic realistic column. Afterwards a hiker in the woods...John Travolta in Pulp Fiction.

Tomorrow I am king.

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