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a new golden age
 the forbidden lecture: the secret of enlightenment


2023 Wednesday June 28 SPEAKEASY MUSEUMPARK 5
Start 19:30 entrance 10 (Free cocktail)

The Secret of Enlightenment 

In terms of content, the message of A new Golden Age differs radically from Christianity: while church promises its believers a Kingdom of Heaven with the return of their prophet, the order places the responsibility at the shoulders of the individual. Don't count on help from outside or from above for enlightenment: you are the creator of your world.

A New Golden Age

The theme of this lecture is the enlightenment of Grandmaster Baruch Spinoza. And his banishment. In June 1678—just over a year after Spinoza's death—the States of Holland banned his entire works, since they "contain very many profane, blasphemous and atheistic propositions." Churches and people in power always hate the state of freedom. This has never changed.
How can we create prosperity and freedom for everyone? let's get into this subject together. According to A New Golden Age it's even necessary to create a higher civilization. The order predicts the end of capitalism within the next seven years. An alternative form of society is needed.

Our first meeting : June 28.
Speakeasy, Arminiuskerk. Museum Park 5.
Start: 7:30 pm.
Entrance fee: 10 euros (including free cocktail)


Grandmaster Baruch Spinoza  completed the Great Work

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