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Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Earth = Heaven (E=H) is a spiritual movement empowering human consciousness. Going beyond religion, politics, and science, Earth = Heaven offers us a grand insight ­– its truth revealed when our prejudices are dropped.

Why is this teaching suddenly current and oh-so-necessary? The answer is simple: E=H has the power to pull us out of our global crisis. Using E=H as a compass, a great disaster threatening humanity can be averted. Fighting the pandemic has caused a negative economic shock to our entire world. Two kinds of poverty have drastically increased. Economic poverty is way up. And, at the same time, ‘mental poverty,’ caused by a state of fear, that causes hopelessness, despair and cynicism, has escalated.

There is A Solution.

E=H holds Humanity as One Being. As One Being we can measure the level of progress of civilization by how we treat our weakest link – the poor. Lockdowns in the West are causing dependent economies in the second and third worlds to seriously decline. Our weakest link is not only growing, it’s also threatened by famines. Our world doesn’t need to be this way.

Thinking from an egoless perspective, E=H stands for the good of humanity as a whole. The solution is very simple. Let’s have multinational corporations and banks assume their full global citizen responsibility by paying their fair share of taxes. Because they operate globally, they will be transferring those tax monies worldwide. This way we end poverty while at the very same time the sales markets for the corporations and banks get much larger. It’s a triple win: the poor win, the corporations and banks win, and, humanity and the environment win.

There is a Prescription.

Healing people and planet is the goal of E=H. The pandemic, environmental degradation, unequal distribution of wealth: just one medicine will make all these relics of the past. The recipe is free and accessible to everyone – a transformation of our consciousness ­into Earth = Heaven!

Here’s How:

1. A healthier world can be financed by the fair, equitable taxing of international corporations and banks. Prosperity can be shared worldwide, entire new markets will open, and nature will be supported and respected.

2. Shelter and food become fundamental human rights. They are guaranteed in the same way that nature supports animals.

We are now ready to perfect capitalism, to take it to its next evolutionary level. Capitalism can do good and it can do well. We can enrich with money and with spirit. Our economic system can be elevated to a divine regulator perfectly matching supply and demand on a worldwide level.

We are Divine.

We only need to redefine and re-inspirit our relationship with God. Instead of a Being outside of humankind, in the sky, after death, God is present in and with each of us and all of us. Our consciousness is God. Consider consciousness itself as the creator, Intelligent Energy that is co-creating with us: E=H!

If we understand that the interpretation of what our senses bring in determines our experience, we can alter the meaning we give Life. This is how we recreate the world.

E=H, Earth = Heaven….an idea whose time has come.

You are welcome to join our movement. Feel free to send an email.

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.

— Matthew 13:45-46, King James Version.”

You do not have to believe in God or go to church to understand the meaning of this saying. Please let me explain:

’ln search for happiness we are looking for something outside of ourself. This ideal partner, that perfect job, my Jaguar XJS. We are tricked in believing that this something is going to forfill us completely. When will we stop seeking?

The merchant in this teaching had found one pearl of great price and his seeking ended. So this pearl must have equaled the kingdom of heaven.

How would we nowadays call the spiritual state in which we are completely fullfilled? Something like: Totally satisfied with ourselves and the world around us.

But let's for the understanding of the saying call this state: the kingdom of heaven.

Now we are only missing one clue. What kind of pearl must the merchant have found that he sold all that he had and layed down his profession as a merchant? This can't be a pearl like any other pearl. It must be something else. A profound insight. For example an answer to the question where this kingdom might be. Now that answer can only be given by the merchant himself.

What would you answer to this question? Where do you think the kingdom of heaven can be found?

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