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7.11 April 2023 Rancho de Suenos

You'll completely escape your daily stress with a stay in the idyllic countryside of Spain. Surrounded by rolling hills, lush forests and sparkling streams, find peace and tranquility at this transformative awakening retreat. There you will be guided by a team of experienced coaches in making a mind shift to a happier version of yourself. A version in which you have inner peace. Independent of circumstances.

  • You'll learn all about spiritual awakening.

  • Increased self-awareness.

  • A greater sense of purpose or meaning.

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and attachments.

  • A shift in values ​​and priorities.

  • Completely relieved at our Spanish retreat location.

  • Your personal freedom coach.

  • The new friends you make, who, just like you, are into personal development.

  • The Socratic conversation with visionairs Bob de Wit en Fons Burger

  • Chef Ron Auer with delicious food &

  • Rejuvenation supplement HVR (€150) created by Auror Scalar Technology. 

  • Beauty of nature.

  • The information we provide on enlightenment and rejuvenation is based on relevant scientific insights.

  • Group maximum 12.


Workshops and activities are alternated with moments of rest and relaxation. The aim is to recharge and gain knowledge about what 'consciousness' and 'awakening' are and to apply that knowledge.


Daily. Spiritual teacher Solomon Soul takes you on a journey to your inner self. To presence. Freedom.
How to recognize the enlightened state? How to reach this state any time you like? Inside and teachings are based on the scientific knowledge of the American psychiatrist David R. Hawkins. Combining both Western and Eastern spiritual traditions.


Certified coaches for individual treatment to manage your happiness.

Group conversations

 Personal development arises in conversation with like-minded people.


You will be offered maximum opportunity for relaxation.   The activities are not mandatory. Take time for yourself, become still and learn to recognize the voice of your intuition.


The nature of Alicante, Zarza, is lavishing. Silent walks bring you closer to yourself. Chi Gong is an oriental movement exercise that is accessible to everyone. Meditation is aimed at inner peace, you bring awareness to your body. Join us at one of the excursions to local attractions. The pool on the range is available 24/7.


meaningful relaxation with like-minded people.

Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime spiritual retreat. Book now for only € 1200 and start your journey of inner  transformation today. 

Arrival: April 7, 2023

Departure: April 11, 2023 

Location: Rancho de Sueños, La Zarza, Alicante

Price: € 1.200 (Flight excluded)

Call: +31(0)648766905










Patricia Tulen
"It was GREAT to gain new insights with like-minded people. Grateful for the handles I have been given to experience daily happiness"

Patricia Tulen, marketeer Zainha

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