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How to find peace within yourself? Independent of circumstances. That's in essence what you'll learn at a Recharge Retreat. Completely escape your daily stress, in a luxurious, enchanting natural environment. We'll guide you by a mindshift to freedom.


Our coaching helps you to eliminate suffering and to project Heaven on Earth. Once you understand your own mind is creating all mental pain and you're aware when it does so, you’ll start living at a higher level of consciousness. By taking away the veil of ego Heaven unfolds. 

Our philosophy borrows wisdom of spiritual leaders like: Jiddu Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle and Neville Goddard. They all teach how to let go of fear and to enjoy life in the moment. You’ll discover that feeling good is a matter of choice.


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Dear visitor,

You've read the name of our site and you might think: dreamers.

Or: liars. Earth=Heaven? You certainly don't know how much mortgage I pay. I've been walking this planet for a while now, and it's true there's a lot of beautiful stuff and we all make the most out of it, but heavens?... No.
It can't be, you need the setback to appreciate the good. The word heaven implies in itself that there is a hell too. Or at least a situation less than heaven.


But come on, I'll give you a chance. Bring on your theory. At worst, I enjoy cracking it. Then I have a nice story to collect sympathizers for you being wrong. Let's prove to each other that we're not crazy.

Raising your consciousness
And now that I, Solomon, hear you think all that, I'm quite curious what you all come up with. 

I hardly ever hear such criticism.
When people talk about me I am not there. The same with you. They often start with one positive sentence, then comes: but....And they start telling a lot of bad things about you. The problems you have.
That's because most people are low in consciousness. They're carrying a lot of sadness, they are angry and they have all kinds of desires that they don't realize. They constantly compare themselves with others.

It's not their fault. It's because of their parents, the competitive school system, you name it. All sorts of conditioned reflexes.
They have the belief that happiness is not for them. And with such a conviction you'll get proof that you are right. All the time. Happiness is not for you.

And if you recognize yourself in that story, then I have a suggestion for you. How about changing your belief ?
For example in: Earth=Heaven.
What evidence would you receive?

Just try it. 
I'll talk to you later.

With love,


M: +31(0)648766905


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Ron van Gils


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Marc de Ruyter


Timo van Schaik


Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about his/her own happiness!!!
Because of the personal conversations, which Paul can translate and describe well! He brings new insights and good tools for everyday life, to experience your own Earth is Heaven. Paul's coaching teaches you to become aware of your happiness again :).

Paul is a creative and inspiring coach. His storytelling coaching stile  is full of life lessons. Paul is straight and coaches in an associative way. Unique, symbolic, imagery.  Envisioning your future as if you are living it in the now. It's a fun way of working.

Thanks to Paul's professional and candid coaching, I was able to give my life a very positive turn: I broke up with a dysfunctional relationship and emigrated to South America. Thanks Paul🙏

His coaching trajectory clearly distinguishes itself from other trajectories. By combining the insights from different coaching theories with a personal approach, it gets a powerful charge.
The family bond was not an obstacle. We worked out 

right points in the development of a positive mindset. A valuable process in which Paul's sharp analytical mind and journalistic skills are optimally deployed.

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