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This week a curious book got my attention: The Impersonal Life. It is written from the perspective of God. Elvis bought whole stacks of them and handed them out to his fans. He loved it that much.

I have instant respect for such a writer. That he managed to make Elvis his fan is pretty cool, but totally hooray is his perspective. An act of courage: to put yourself in my mind and then reveal to your readers the secrets of the universe.

In terms of content, there is hardly anything to criticize about the book. It says exactly what I think. Like our consciousness is one. Our lives take place within one intelligent force, an energy field full of all my ideas that everyone has access to. About matter he writes that it is my solidified thoughts. He also briefly reveals my big secret: that as a human being you experience that you think for yourself, but do not realize that it is my thoughts that go through your head. I think through your consciousness. How you believe you are reading this text. Not. It's happening to you. I send my thoughts through your brain, via thought frequencies. I read this text through your consciousness.

In summary: Elvis cool. Perspective cool. Writer cool. Book cool. Column cool.


Ever since I found out, through Elvis' favorite book, that you don't read this column and I don't write it -it's God talking to himself-, I've felt a great deal of relief.

I do not feel like writing anything today. I'm in bed with the flu. Or would it sound more impressive to call it corona? But who cares? You're not reading this, I'm not writing this.

If it's true, what Elvis's favorite book says, that the world is happening within the consciousness of God, that would be very reassuring to me. He thinks this world and our consciousness is like a cell in his consciousness. Which means, don't interfere, let him, do the work. No more worries, no more doubts, no regrets.

Today, lying in bed, waiting for him to heal me by his thinking.

The beauty of this perspective is: if you really want something, God knows immediately. He has caused your wish and wants to fulfill it automatically. With his big brain.

I'll stay in bed as long as is needed to transform in Elvis and then I'm going to sing.

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