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The Philosopher's stone. It's not a fairy tale. Until modern sciency kicked in, this stone was the quest for every thinker. A quest to which the answer remains unknown to this day. Every respectable scientist was looking for it. The building block of the universe. Scientists in those days were concerned with astronomy, chemistry, psychology, mathematics and you name it. All the sciences. They were generalists. Finding the stone was the pinnacle for all of them. This was called the 'Great Work'.


Sir Isaac Newton was the last known alchemist to sink his teeth into it. After him, the scientific method was introduced and scientists started living on islands. But the thousands of years before that…

It seemed like a nice challenge to me. And since I stopped watching TV…

Long story short. I found him!

It seems that between alchemists who have unraveled the mystery, there is an unwritten agreement that they keep the secret. I wouldn't know why.

You can click prima materia for the explanation. It's in Dutch. I am sorry for that.

However, I must admit that I have artificially increased my intelligence. You have drinks for that these days. I use HVR. I have no shame in that regard. If I were to ride the Tour de France, I would immediately take EPO. You want to be the best. Point.

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