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What is fear? We call fear an emotion. One that may come up without reason. Just in the morning, as a vague remembrance of a nightmare.

What is it? A tremor in your lower abdomen. Or vibrations that climb up to your throat. A pressing feeling in your chest. What's the benefit? Not much.

Fear once served man. In it's function of a warning stimulus. To become alert in case of danger. To flee, fight, or freeze.

We hardly have to deal with such danger anymore. Wild animals are hard to find.

All sorts of imaginary threats have taken its place. And the impulse of fear, which loses its function after a few seconds, lasts much longer than necessary.

When running away, what good is it to spend time being afraid? You need that energy to run away.

Does fear still serve people?

What good is the fear of being late, not doing a job well enough, or the fear of saying the wrong thing in a group where you don't feel at home? Or fear for people with big mouths?

What is the use of experiencing that unpleasant vibration? Fear has never brought a good solution. Only suffering. Fear is the enemy of man's happiness.

How do you get rid of it?

Your goal is to disconnect the feeling from the (alleged) cause. Because in a state of fear you cannot think rationally. Fear is always looking for new reasons to survive.

1. Withdraw for a moment. Do a short meditation. Pay attention to the feeling, give loving attention to the vibration. To the atoms that are spinning out of sync. Five minutes. Comfort these tiny little lights. Smother their unrest. When the vibration is gone, the fear is gone.

2. Now think again. What was the reason that aroused the fear? Can you solve the problem? Do it right away. Or: Write a plan of action. Or, turn your back on the cause of the fear.

3. Ten new reasons to be afraid have emerged. The fear has returned. Go back to 1.

4. Kindly ask fear to leave your life. Fear will listen to you.

5. The above does not work? Book a free intake with your happiness coach.

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