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In my previous column I revealed the secret of the philosopher's stone, this week I will deal with the kingdom of heaven. For what I've found out: the whole empire has been built from this mysterious stone...

You may be thinking, "WTF? I'll be happy if I make it to the end of the week, one starts talking about heaven on earth.'

Or you may think, "I'm hungry for grass." If you're a zebra.

Anyway, in my new personal freedom coaching brochure I describe the two tracks that lead to happiness. The first track: telling yourself out loud that you are happy. Just as many times until you are.

Track two takes in deep conversations, coachwriting, a personal website, a photo shoot and a retreat in Spain. To a complete rebirth at Easter. In this column I focus on the first track. Just keep repeating that you are happy. 🤣

No Fun. What I'm saying: being happy is subjective. It is 100 percent your own responsibility.

What does that have to do with the philosopher's stone and where is my kingdom?

I'll tell you. That stone is a metaphor for consciousness. We build our world out of that. The primary substance of the universe is imagination. It's a bit of a dirty talk, sorry about that, it has to do with quantum mechanics. We select our certainty from an infinite field of information. Partly conscious. But largely unconsciously.

In a psychological sense, it starts with your self-image. If you think of yourself as a loser, that's true, if you feel like a king, your walking stick will turn into a scepter.

The culture where you were born determines the morality in your realm. We love to puncture dreams. We enjoy knocking human statues like Johnny Depp or Marilyn Manson off their pedestals. But even our friends are not save. They can turn out evil after all these years.

A kingdom is promised in the New Testament. You are advised to focus on beauty and love like God, instead of looking for what is wrong. This is how you rise in consciousness. You are getting happier. And at the very top of the ladder, the prive is waiting: you awaken. Reality is like a dream and you like it as it is. Then your kingdom has come.

Are you coming to Spain? We like people who want to try Society 4.0. Decide this week and receive a fifteen percent early booking discount on the Earth=Heaven retreat at Easter.

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