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I also described why there is a major conflict that is going to derail. In so many scents and colors, not all of them fit in this column.

In short, the Western economic model has driven the world's wealth into the hands of a narrow group. She would like to keep it. So much so that they plan to introduce a digital currency that will determine who can buy what. So if you're naughty you can't take the tram. If you say that the minister is crazy, your rent will no longer count and you will move to a free hotel.

Not really a reason to get scared, I hear you think. Do you go to work by bike and dream of a farmer's daughter in your new room? That can be scarier.

I know. That's why I try to frighten the reader a little more. In order to be able to introduce that new currency, a severe crisis is needed, I threaten in my novel. The people who turn the knobs are ready to starve us! That's where I went off the rails. Over the top. The story became unbelievable. It was like a horror movie where the hand had already come out of the grave, followed by an endless fight between zombies, vampires and werewolves.

If I could write the book again, and I may, I would add the truth as a killing joke. I then put it down like a time bomb at the very beginning.

About here. Where you are now.

The fear of love. Boom. There he is. Greater than the fear of death.

If we all look at that fear together… it will disappear. Then together we write a completely different scenario than the capitalists had imagined. With their autistic compulsive neurotic desire to play the boss. We take back power from the faint-hearted and clean up the cause of the problems. The system that causes exhaustion of the earth and exploitation of people. We distribute wealth fairly and ensure that nature recovers. Then we have nothing left to fear.

As research for the new story, I invited two experts to the Alicante retreat. Visionaries. One on what you used to call the left side of the political spectrum, the other on the right. Both with a vision of the future that refers the world's problems to the trash. In the left corner heavyweight Fons Burger, who offers his solutions in his novel 2125 De Wintersleeper. In the right corner Professor of Strategic Leadership Bob de Wit. He recorded his blueprint for a higher form of civilization in Society 4.0 and Democracy 4.0.

In the coming weeks a podcast with a report of their Socratic conversation.

Click on the image for an impression.

If you want to think along for yourself, come to the Recharge Retreat in South Africa.

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