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Updated: Nov 24, 2022

In theory, being happy all the time is very easy. If you imagine your thoughts as clouds and the real You as the sun, then all you have to do is: just don't think.

In practice, your day starts and ends with thinking. 

It might help to try and think as many positive thoughts as possible.  Still, a day is long and many things force your thoughts in a different direction. And then there are feelings that seem to appear out of nowhere and they attract annoying thoughts too.

It is a great unconscious process, all those feelings and thoughts, that determine your happiness. Is it possible to do something about it?

Yes. Sure. Wake up. From the dream we call reality.

Wake up! By squeezing yourself in the arm a couple of times a day and then realize that you are the sun.

You can do that now as you read this. This text is a cloud, what you think about this text is another cloud and the other thoughts that come to your mind… all clouds. You can see right through it. Or, if that's easier for you, be the wind and blow those clouds away.

Awakening is realizing that you can choose to be happy any time.

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