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Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Here's a column to help you fulfill your wishes. The problem is clear. We are creatures of habit. More precisely. We are a barrel of stubborn habits fighting to survive. What am I saying: Our conditioned behavior is like a prison. Hereditary characteristics form the cell walls, our learned behavior the bars.

Translated from Dutch with Google translate

How often have you thought of starting exercising, drinking less, better listening, visiting grandma more often, starting your own business, less hot-tempered, enjoying more, going on a diet, getting up a bit earlier, sending flowers to your partner, less gaming, to forgive more, garbage bags, meditate, comb hair, respect cops, read more books….

Change is uncomfortable. The best excuse: don't start at all. You say, "That's just how I am." Especially if someone else asks you if you want to unlearn a habit. You then smile and thank them: 'I'm typically one of those people who don't put out garbage bags very often. That's not in my character. A hereditary thing. From my father's side.'

Since I was trained as happiness coach I know that you can change every aspect of your personality. If you want. All that is needed is a decision and conscious attention. I have tested the method described below. It works. It is based on a story from an age-old self-help book.


It starts with you wanting to change. You acknowledge your limitation. It's about making your transformation very important. In this mode of manifestation you compare the process to the birth of your first child. That way it has all your attention.

Imagine: You want to be released from your insecurity.

1. Create an ideal. What qualities does a self-confident person have? No fear, inner peace, optimistic, independent, etc. Those facets form a state of being. You can also take a famous person with the desired characteristics as an example.

2. If you have a sharp picture, then fertilization can take place. Making your wish conscious is like being visited by an angel. You are the father, that is your conscious attention. The mother is your subconscious.

3. You contemplate the image of who you want to be before going to sleep. In that minute between waking and sleeping, your subconscious is receptive. A feeling of excitement increases the chance of insemination.

4. Once pregnant, there is no turning back. Your new self is about to be born. All doubt has disappeared. You feel super good. Just like with a healthy pregnancy, a happy feeling prevails. That's the trick. It's about already feeling the way you want to become. You are already that person, but it is not yet visible to the outside world.

5. Pin a date of birth, an event where you can show off your new self. It is best for you to feel how long the expectation lasts.

6. Do not discuss it with anyone. Your environment works against you. They prefer to keep you as you were. It is as if a king issued a decree to kill your child. Trust your imagination. Hold on to your idea.

7. The reward: if your 'child' is born on the day you choose, the whole world will smile at you. The best gift you can give to the people around you is to be very happy yourself.

If you find it all difficult to remember, pick up the Christmas story. Therein lies this manifestation technique. All the characters that the writers of the story came up with, from the angel, to Mary, to the king: they play a psychological drama. Within your consciousness. Read it again. But now you are: The donkey, the ox, the sheep, the bad wolf, the deer, the unicorn, Pinocchio, father Abraham, his brother Dennis, their bicycle mechanic, the three foolish acorns from the far east ...

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