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Some books change your life. Like the book that Elvis recommended, The impersonal life. It says it's not you thinking, but the Allmind through you.

So we walk like Donkey Kongs through the jungle. We experience adventures and presume that we determine the route ourselves. But our choosing is more about collecting arguments afterwards. The decision has already been made. By the invisible gamer. We call it our subconscious. Elvis just called the gamer God.

Why was the game of life set up like this? And why is it such a mess here on earth, people are always quarreling? Has the gamer fallen asleep?

“No!” says Elvis. It is a wireless connection and there is interference on the line. Donkey Kong has escaped.

However, this new perspective brings me only good. For example, the gamer sent me to a presentation by Bob de Wit. The professor sketches a realistic blueprint of a form of society, ten times better than ours. Society 4.0. It will take a while for his story to reach the majority. But it won't be long before the old system collapses.

Meanwhile, the gamer pushed the novel 2125 The Hibernator. He blew the text for that exciting story in the mind of Fons Burger. Who lets us get used to the world after the collapse. He promises a future without inequality and climate problems.

To those of my generation I can introduce The Fons with one word: Nighttown. If you are from his own generation, you know about New Revu and the Lockheed affair. And of those other brave acts of journalism from a bygone era.

Long before our newspapers turned into mindless typewriters, blindfolded pulling the carriage of power.

Fons Burger bears moral responsibility for the ideas of his generation. The people who pushed the sacred cows in the sixties and believed in a better world. Until the mid-seventies.

When men started cutting their hair. Short cut became the fashion, which continues to this day.

Burger has remained true to his ideals. He invests a fortune in fairness and equality. Worldwide.

Apparently the Gamer sends us through a rollercoaster with his joystick in this column. Fortunately, there is a Recharge Retreat in Alicante at the end of the ride. That's where the story comes together. But first the final helix. Shoulder braces fixed.

Where our world hesitates between the scenario of Brave New World and that of 1984, Burger and De Wit both paint a completely different painting.

The Dutch have allways been great painters. Especially their blue skies are famous.

And without knowing, it turns out there paintings to be a diptych that fits together exactly.

Hopefully the Gamer will send you to Alicante.

Because there, in the picturesque Rancho Suenos, the visionaries meet. There they reveal our future in a Socratic conversation.

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