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Life is as joyful as you think it is. To illustrate: a conversation report between the settlers and the Indians, who were considered 'savages' by them.

"The purpose of life?" Chief Laughing Owl repeats Kill Bill's question, letting a slow plume of smoke escape from the corner of his mouth. 'To play. The purpose of life is to dance, have fun and enjoy.”

Bill sniffs and winks at his comrades. Those stupid, stupid Indians.

"Don't you know about the bible? God's plan?! Life sucks and there is only one way to escape. You follow the rules of the big boss and if you're lucky you will end up in heaven after you die.”

“Heaven?” the chief frowns. 'Tell me more…'

“There reigns eternal peace. Beautiful nature. The most beautiful colors. Plenty of Food. Abundance. And the best part: There are no bad people.' He looks around and continues: 'How do you punish your criminals? Where are your prisons?”

The chief smiles, “Criminals? We don't have. But the heaven you described. Seems familiar to me.”

Laughing Owl stands up and points. 'Nature. Color splendor. Abundance. Eternal peace.”

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