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The loyal readers of my column (444 according to Mailchimp) know that I am immensely interested in Scripture. Especially after I discovered that both the main writer of the book, my first name, and the main character JC, did not exist.

The first, Paul, is a pseudonym for a group of spiritual writers, the second a fabrication. The main character in the New Testament is a personification. Just like Abraham and Moses are. The figures symbolize a State of Being. You can experience it as a human being. That is the aim of the writers. Teach you how to be happy.

The highest attainable is the enlightened state. The Buddha. A pleasant condition. Recommended. Yes.

I've been brooding for a while on how I'm going to publicize this exposure. On a clock that is as large and high as possible, with as long hands as possible. My goal is to deliver a global final blow one day.

The deception has lasted long enough for me. It has resulted in centuries of abuse of power, conflict and sorrow. Thanks to some guests who can't read. Taking that imagery for reality and thus keeping happiness away from people.

To compensate for the suffering suffered, the Vatican Bank can then immediately transfer its estimated assets of one thousand billion to where it belongs. With the people. The poorest first. As love your neighbor as yourself.

A similar idea came to the left and right visionary at the last retreat in Alicante. They envision a future where the winners of the competition for capital return their prize. Starting with the twelve hundred billion tax authorities worldwide owe them.

We continue the dialogue during the Recharge Retreat in South Africa. The stakes are an equal distribution of wealth and a healthy planet.

You're welcome.

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