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This shortcut will lead you to joy. In three steps to heaven. It’s a practical guide. A permanent reminder. The Earth=Heaven method stands or falls with presence.

STEP 1 Willingness

It all starts with the belief that you can change. Your personality is a vessel full of conditioned reflexes. If you want you can change every aspect of your character.

If you want to raise your consciousness ask yourself the question: what habit blocks my happiness ? Your willingness to address that is the first step to healing.

For example: you always feel busy and want to get rid of that. The solution is obvious. Everyone will give you roughly the same advice: Make fewer appointments.

But. You will not follow this good advice. You've been used to being busy and even like the feeling. Because if you are, you must be an important person. Whatever reason you give, you've convinced yourself that's who you are. You’ve identified with a busy person.

Joy starts with the willingness to change yourself. Which doesn't mean you have to change all your annoying habits. It's about becoming aware of them. Realizing that “always being busy” is a fictional story. You're fooling yourself. Instead: take three breaths, think about what you can do, and do it.

STEP 2 Vision

Reality is subjective. Everything depends on your own perception. Your judgment determines whether you like your life or not. The only responsibility you have is to take care of your own happiness. You can find heaven anywhere. In fact: Earth = Heaven, but you don't see, you’ve dropped a blanket of prejudices over the truth. What can you change about your perception to see heaven?

In the Mastery of Love, Michael Ruiz writes that the Toltecs believe that suffering is a choice. Just like being happy is. According to the Indians from Central America the meaning of life is to enjoy as much as possible. It’s allowed to suffer, but it’s not needed. They create a new world in which people take responsibility for their happiness. Instead of pointing to circumstances and seeing themselves as a victim, they focus on overcoming fears. Truly brave is the one who overcomes the fear of love.

Fear of love? Our behavior, especially within Western culture, is aimed at not being hurt. If we would stop being afraid of a broken heart, we could love unconditionally. This is how heaven on earth opens.


You can read books about it, worship gurus, take courses and have a full day's work with it. It's comforting to know how you could be happy. Whole tribes let themselves be lured into this trap. Our ego is geared towards fighting danger and wants to insure against threat. While you need very little spiritual knowledge. It's all about applying. In essence it’s about allowing love.

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